Swedish Symmetry

Swedes love symmetry.
I never saw one flower pot only.
Always two.
The same flower, the same pot, the same style.

The identical procedure during winter time.
Two stars. Two snowflakes. Two light bridges.
I feel like a messy when I think about the different sizes of my flower pots at home.
Guess which window belongs to which apartment?

At home I decorated my largest window with a white star.
In the last days I also bought a red star and a snowflake-light.
Now I’m desperate. It feels so chaotic. 
I like this Swedish symmetry. 
Maybe I should run to the store again and get another snowflake lamp?

And then I suddenly passed this window and saw it:
Stars in different styles and sizes mixed without a specific order.
Now I knew: Swedish people design freestyle, too.
After taking the picture I discovered a very small sign in the window. 
It’s a lamp store…