How to avoid cooking

When people ask me if I’m good at cooking, I use to answer: I’m good in the kitchen.
75% understand the joke.
The rest expects to be invited to a delicious dinner in the near future.

I hate cooking.
I repair the apartment and cars.
I own drilling machines, jigsaws, carburetors and more.
My cellar is filled with do-it-yourself-products.

The kitchen is quite empty.

Luckily I’m easy to please: once I discover a good meal I can eat it for a long, long time with just little variations.
It has to be healthy and without meat only.

But hashing vegetables and stirring the stuff in different pots still takes around 45 minutes every day.
45 minutes that I could spend better.

With writing about how to avoid cooking for example.
Or staring out of the window.

A friend proposed to scallop vegetables in the oven.
Would be faster.

She had not seen my oven yet.
It’s a storage for everything that does not fit in the cupboards.
The door hardly closes.

If I want to scallop something I have to take out all that stuff and
leave it on the floor until the oven has cooled down again.
Once I didn’t.
Other story…

Some weeks ago I stumbled across a mini oven on sale.
19 euros seemed not much to solve a daily problem.

Since then I experiment with different free style combinations of vegetables, goat cheese and pickles.
Topped by some of the many spice powders I bought all over the world.
I’m happy!

And the best: It takes some minutes only to throw all the ingredients in my small casserole.
The rest works itself.

No stirring, no controlling, no dishwashing of several pots.

Sometimes even small things can make a woman very happy…